soft + earthy + romantic

I am so excited to finally share the presets I use for all of my photos. for the past year I’ve been creating + perfecting a consistent style (the same vibe you see on my instagram + website) to give my clients beautiful galleries.

featuring milky whites, nostalgic colors, + creamy skin tones, they are versatile + work for both wedding + travel photography. includes 1 every day preset, 1 black + white preset, + 1 flash preset.


compatible with adobe lightroom for desktop + RAW image files. please download on a computer. these presets are created to enhance your already great photos – which starts with correct camera settings.

all sales are final. unauthorized distribution (sharing, copying, selling, etc) of devoted + wild presets is prohibited + will be met with legal action.
devoted + wild presets | copyright 2020




What is included in the preset pack?

1 everyday preset, 1 black + white preset, 1 flash preset, + instruction manual.

How do I download the presets?

Once the payment is made, you will receive a link via email to download the file. You can only download the file once. Please download on a computer (not your phone) + if you don't see it right away please check your spam folder!

How do I install the presets?

Instructions to install are laid out in the instruction manual. There are many YouTube videos out there with helpful tips as well.

Which settings should I change if the preset doesn't look right after one click?

After applying the preset, I recommend adjusting the exposure first. After that I would play with the white balance (blue/yellow + green/pink sliders) to adjust to your liking. Those actions should give you a great result but feel free to play around with more settings like shadows, contrast, + the HSL panel.

What are some tips for getting the best RAW photos to use with these presets?

I personally think these presets work best when shooting at sunrise, sunset, or on an overcast day. They still look great in brighter daylight but it's just not my style preference. It's always better to shoot slightly underexposed instead of overexposed. Shooting in Kelvin can also help create warmer vibes + nice skin tones but make sure you adjust this for different settings/locations.

Do the presets work on JPEG photos?

Technically yes, however, for the most beautiful results + easier editing please use RAW photos.

Can I use these on my phone?

Unfortunately, no. These are presets for desktop only. You will need to download the Adobe Lightroom Classic CC App.

I changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

All sales are final. As these are digital files I cannot verify that they have not been installed yet or wont be used anymore.